Come and Get Your Lemonade!

Kawaii has created these fantastic lemonade stands and bracelets for the Woodland Treasures Gatcha Event that opens today, September 1st!
The lemonade stands are wearable and include a resize script. It comes two sizes, Adult and Toddleedoo. The stand also features a lemonade pitcher which gives lemonade on touch.  The bracelets are so cute and feature pixel art Ice Cream Cones!

I am also SUPER excited to announce my newest Sponsor: Cut Shore/Secret Whore (YAY!!!)  They are exclusive to Marketplace so check them out!

~ Kawaii ~ Lemonade Stand Gacha ~ Kawaii ~ Pixel Art Ice Cream Bracelet Gacha


Kawaii Stand


Get the Look: 

Lemonade Stand: ~ Kawaii ~ Lemonade Stand – Woodland Treasures Gatcha Event

Top: !SW! – MESH – Micro Chiffon Top – Hud Controlled

Pants: !SW! Mesh – Bubble Pop Pants – HUD controlled 

Bracelet: ~ Kawaii ~ Pixel Ice Cream Bracelet – Woodland Treasures Gatcha Event

Hair: little bones. Arsenic –SLFW

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