CLUB FEATURE ~ Greek Gold Lesbian Resort ~

Greek Gold Lesbian Resort, also known as GGLR, is a fantastic sim, featuring beautiful landscapes that include gorgeous beaches, lush greenery, and tons of things to do!  One of my most FAVORITE spots on the sim is the Dance Floor.

I am very lucky to DJ at GGLR where there is always a party going on. The club environment is welcoming and the local chatter is often hilarious. Every week, GGLR hosts a Friday night Themed Event from 5-9 pm slt and the Saturday Night Formal Event from 5-7 pm slt. These are truly awesome because no shortcuts are taken when transforming the sim into the perfect themed environment.

When you arrive at Greek Gold Lesbian Resort for the first time, you will be greeted at the gate and offered a tag as well as information about the sim.
The teleport board makes exploring easy!
The Dance Club!
The NEW Dance Club!

GGLR, is owned by Miss Hera Emms. I sat down with Miss Hera to get her insight on the beginnings and future of GGLR:

When was GGLR established and why?

Miss Hera: Lets see I started GGLR actually back in 2007 and opened it up as a club in April of 2009.
When i first came to Second Life and saw what a wonderful place SL was I decided to go the whole nine yards and find a place to live. As i searched SL,  there was no where on the grid that had a community for lesbian/butches to live. So it was then that I decided to buy some land and rent out houses for just the lesbian community. My sim grew and grew and grew, within the first year I had 60 houses and apartment buildings filled to capacity. It was something to see when i would walk the streets of my lesbian rental sim and people where sitting out side on their porches or balconies. They would always tell me, “Hera we need to have community parties!” These were established once a week and believe me, they were packed. So a year later GGLR was born.

How would i describe GGLR?

Miss Hera: It’s a big family that people can come and be themselves without worrying about fitting in or being in a clicque.

What is your favorite area of the sim?

Miss Hera: My favorite area of this sim as it is right now is for sure the butterfly park.  I can go there and sit and listen to the music and think about how and what can i do next. My place of comfort was what I built up back in 2007, making a home for every type of lesbian there are in the world.

Any big plans for GGLR?

Miss Hera: Yes! I’m forever changing the sim and I do have a few surprises coming up soon with the next sim change. GGLR is approaching its 5th year here on Second Life and I am  so proud of the fact that it keeps growing by leaps and bounds. I can only thank the 22,000 plus members for the club’s success.

Volcano Beach
The Volcano!
Inside the Secret Garden
Inside the Secret Garden
The Reflection Pond


Huge thanks to Jules Solano of SwaggedOutSL for the pics ❤


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