Today I wanted to show off one of my little girls, Gabi. I have a fantastic family in Second Life and I am very lucky to have good people that care about me and surround me with love in my virtual and real life. Now if you know our family in world, you know the Solano’s are pretty huge *coughs*. Jules and I have 7 (YES- SEVEN) children, some little and some grown, but all our babies (even you Sid).

Some people enjoy different types of RP in Second Life and in time, we all find our little niche and find the one place in SL that makes you happy and content. It took me a good 4 years to find mine and I honestly couldn’t be happier. This past month has been hard for me in my real life. I suppose it has been the holiday blues and the fact that I am so far away from any real family (I am in Chicago and they are in Los Angeles).

To my Fajah and Majah: Jeron and Jaiduh, Papa in law: Faxon, love: Jules, kidlets: Sid, Tye, Makenna, Sammie, Ryu, Gabi & Fin, grand babies: Bleu, Tae, Late, Aiden, Wynter and Spring, and great grand babies: Inu, Piper, Alice and Evie….my SL family has been there for me than they even realize and I just want to say THANK YOU.

My Gabi

Now that my sappy stuff is outta the way, back to what we do here…FASHION!!
WoW Skins is participating once again in the Designer’s Circle and this skin is so beautiful!! Also, [NV] has so many NEW RELEASES!! Today I am wearing the Musk Sweater with or without Lola’s appliers. It comes in 9 colors so check it out!

Truth, Mandala, WoW Skins, [NV], DeeTaleZ

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Carrie – browns

Top: [NV] Musk Sweater – NEW RELEASE

Skirt: DeeTaleZ Skirts leather black (wear me)


Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Vanessa – Designer’s Circle

Top pic on Gabi:
Dress: That’s So {Kyoot} Aria
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Rene


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