Hair: Magika [03] Shimmer

Brows: [LDP] Sexy Eyebrows

Eyes: .random.Matter. Ethereal Eyes – Indigo

Mouth: .Loud Mouth. – Alli

Lip Gloss: [LDP] Purple Lips (Loud Mouth ONLY) – The Monochromatic Fair

Top: [LDP] Purple R&R – The Monochromatic Fair

Bewbs: Lolas ::: Tango Mirage :::

Shorts: [LDP] Highwaist Shorts Orchid – The Spring Fair

Azz: *L.inc* Cute Azz

Stockings: [LDP] Striped Socks (Purple) – The Monochromatic Fair

Shoes: !(HighRize 3.0)! Certified Translucent Pump (Yellow Tribal)

L'Douce Push, Magika, HighRize 3.0, & More!





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